Tyler Willis is the co-founder of Unsupervised, which helps companies discover opportunities hiding in their data (over $1B found so far) and has raised over $50M from top investors including Cathay Innovation, SignalFire, Coatue, Eniac Ventures, and Elad Gil.

In addition to his work at Unsupervised, Tyler is an active angel investor — managing a $10M fund that invests in early-stage technology companies. He's been an early-stage investor in companies like Patreon (now worth $4B), Clubhouse ($4B), Lattice ($3B), Lambda School, MainStreet, and On Deck.

Prior to founding Unsupervised, Tyler served as the CMO of Hired.com, a career marketplace that raised over $100 Million to help talented people find jobs they love. Throughout his career, he has led sales, growth, marketing, partnerships, and M&A at several top-performing startups. Insatiably curious, he's always looking for the next thing to learn.

Editor's note: The New Yorker once insinuated that I was unfocused when they wrote: "People like Willis, young and urban and professionally diffuse, tend to regard success in terms of autonomy—designing your life as you want—rather than Napoleonic domination." This, of course, delighted my family members (and led to endless teasing).

The New Yorker wasn't wrong, I do love doing my own thing. In the years since, I'm proud of showing that you can be ambitious without being single-minded and successful while walking the road less traveled.