Hi, I'm Tyler.

I'm the co-founder of Unsupervised, which helps companies find new opportunities using their complex data.

About me:

I'm most well-known as the co-founder and COO of Unsupervised, which helps companies discover opportunities in their data (over $1B found so far). We have raised over $50M from top VCs and have worked with 30% of Fortune 10 companies.

I believe in the ability to intentionally develop skills and tools that make us happier and help improve the world. I call this Skill-and-Tool Optimism and I do a lot of things that help me practice and evangelize it.

Currently, that includes building Unsupervised, investing in promising startups, and talking about skill and tool optimism via this blog and my podcast.

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Going deep on skills and tools.

This podcast covers whatever I find interesting, and often gets wonky about skills and tools. I try to show how people accomplish impressive things by intentionally learning new things.

Every recording is shared first with a small, trusted audience. In a process that loosely resembles peer review, people react to episodes. When both they and the guest agree, we publish the episode publicly.